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Martial Arts Ebooks

The following ebooks are our most successful to date. Each of them is only €4.99 euro each or all 3 for an amazing low price of only €9.99. Simply click on the buy button of whichever one takes your fancy and we will email you a link to download your purchase. You won't be dissappointed.






This is our best seller and is perfect for anyone looking to increase to their maximum flexibility in minimum time. The side splits and box splits are the ultimate stretches to improve flexibility and agility in all sports. Martial Artists in particular require a very high level of flexibility in order to effortlessly perform high kicks. The stretches and exercises are pictured and designed in such a way so that you too can achieve the splits.
Only €4.99


A flat and toned stomach looks great. Studies show that a 'six pack' is one of the biggest attractions to the opposite sex (men or women). Not just that but the abdominal muscles of the stomach are where all your power is generated from. Your centre of gravity is located there too. So, in order to generate maximum power in all strikes or to withstand hard blows, it is very important to train your abdominals correctly and to eat correctly. This ebook will have you proud of one of your most important body parts - Your Washboard Abs.
Only €4.99

HOW TO SURVIVE ALL VIOLENT ATTACKS - The Ultimate Self-Defence ebook

If you want to learn highly effective self-defence with the minimum of fuss then this is the ebook for you. You do not need to be fit or flexible or to train hard to use any of the defence tips, tricks and techniques. Written in a very easy way to understand, this ebook is perfect for anyone wanting to know how to protect themselves or their loved ones.
Only €4.99

Purchase all 3 EBooks for the reduced total price of only €9.99 euro. In other words, buy 2 and get the 3rd FREE.